When most people think about landscape design, they think about warm weather and plants blooming.  While those are certainly the peak seasons to enjoy your outdoor space, the late Fall and Winter seasons should not be left out during the planning stages.  In many ways, good landscape design is most obvious when there is snow on the ground, and only the “structure” of the space is left.

Choose plant material with interesting bark and branching structures.  A Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick is an often overlooked plant with unrivaled Winter interest.  The peeling bark of a Riverbirch will stand out all year, especially in the Winter.

Features such as your BBQ grill and spas should be located close to your home in such a way that you can still use them when there is snow on the ground.  Do you want to traverse the cold in your bathing suit to get to your spa when it is 20 degrees outside?

Outdoor fireplaces and firepits are a great way to extend the season as well.  Have some friends over for a glass of wine and gather around a warm firepit.  If you are not interested in fumbling with wet firewood in the cold, struggling to get that fire lit, consider a gas feature where you can start the flames with the press of a button.

When designing a water feature, consider what it will look like once it is frozen.  A frozen waterfall can be breathtaking, in addition it will attract birds and other wildlife searching for a drink.

You will get more enjoyment and value from your space if you keep in mind the Winter season when you are designing your space.  Any one of our talented designers can help too, just call us today!