This client wanted more curb appeal for their beautiful home located in Oakton, VA.  In addition to a paver driveway, they wanted some entry columns with lights to accentuate the end of their long driveway.  They had two Crape Myrtles that they wanted to keep flanking the driveway.



Design Phase

We decided to elaborate upon the column idea in order to keep the entry in scale with the rest of the home.  We designed “wing walls” on each side of the driveway, with an interesting, sweeping shape to them to make them more inviting.  The tapered heights of the wing walls really create a visual emphasis on the entry.  In addition, we designed several options continuing these walls along the street, both with masonry walls and another option with Boxwoods, as a way to create more separation and definition of the front of the property.  Ultimately, we decided against this because we felt the walls and columns themselves were enough.




The paver driveway was installed by milling down the existing asphalt and overlaying it with pavers.  This allowed us to keep the driveway base intact.  The driveway base material is left on site and we did not have to import much base material at all.  In addition to keeping costs down, this method was the most sustainable option we had.  The final project turned out outstanding, a very close representation of our original design intent.