Which one is right for you?

Once you have decided that you want a backyard swimming pool, the next step is to ask what style of pool you are looking for.  For the most part, it can be easily broken down into two major categories, rectangular pools and lagoon style pools.

The type of pool that you choose is primarily driven by the location of the pool and your style preference.  For a small, rectangular lot, a rectangular pool is going to fit nicely.  If you have an easement or setback from your property line, and your property is square, a rectangular pool will allow you to maximize your space, with your pool as close as possible to the easement to allow for more pool deck and outdoor licing space.

If you plan on making use of a corner of your yard, a custom designed lagoon style pool can make better use of your space.  Often, homeowners want to have a pool installed, but also do not want to give up a major portion of their lawn so that their kids can still have space to play.  A lagoon style pool is often the answer to this as it can be nestled into the corner of their property.  You will also have to check with your HOA however, because many HOA’s will not allow a pool or any hardscaping to cross the side plane of your home.

The benefits of a rectangular pool include:

• Automatic pool covers- with a rectangular pool, you can have an automatic cover installed that will keep your pool safe if you are not home

• The pool cover also helps in extending the season you can use your pool- it will heat the water temperature in your pool in the early Spring and late Fall, in addition it will keep leaves and debris out when you are not using it

• A rectangular pool has a clean and pleasing shape that many people prefer

The benefits of a lagoon style pool include:

• A lagoon style pool has very pleasing curves- its organic shape is only limited by your creativity

• In a lot where space is tight or the lot shape is not square, a lagoon style pool can be shaped to fit the available space nicely

• A lagoon style pool offers many opportunities for custom features such as waterfalls and tanning ledges

Pool water features

Almost every pool we design, we incorporate moving water. It has such a pleasing sound and it really enhances your time spent relaxing near the pool. In our opinion, the gentle sounds of moving water are the ultimate stress reliever! Some of the types of water features we install are:

•Sheer descent water features
•Natural waterfalls
•Vanishing edge pools
•Deck jets

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