Winter lawn care tips

With the Winter time rapidly approaching us, you are probably not thinking about lawn care.  The grass grows more slowly so it is only natural.  However, your lawn is actually busily preparing itself for the long Winter while it will be dormant, by absorbing nutrients, moisture and energy.  To give yourself the best possible lawn come Spring time, the time to prepare is now.

Keep mowing

You should continue to water your lawn until the Winter as well as mow it although growth has slowed down.  For your last 2 mows of the year, lower your lawn blades by a third with each mow.  This will allow more sun light to reach the crown of the grass and store up more energy for the Winter.

Aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn is critical step in your lawn’s health.  Aeration is the process of creating a more porous and open top layer of soil so that oxygen, water and fertilizer can better reach your lawn’s roots.  An aeration machine will remove a small tubular shape piece of dirt, leaving a void for water and nutrients to collect that will be easily accessible to your lawn.  It is also important because your lawn will naturally create a layer of “thatch” which is sort of a natural insulation or mulch.  If this layer becomes too thick, it can be difficult for water and nutrients to reach your lawn’s roots.

Keep your lawn clear

Take the time to pick up sticks, kids toys or anything else on your lawn now.  As Winter approaches, you may forget about these things, especially if they are covered in snow, and you will be left with brown patches on your lawn.

Rake up the leaves

Leaves will suffocate your lawn and spread fungal disease in the late Fall if they are not picked up.  It is best to start as soon as the leaves start falling.  If they are allowed to build up for too long, they will form an impenetrable barrier that will suffocate your lawn, and deprive it of sunlight.

Fertilize now

Although blades of grass grows slower in the Fall, the roots are actually growing faster.  Your lawn turns its energy to producing a more vigorous root system in order to prepare itself  for the Winter.  Applying fertilizer in the Fall delivers the nutrients your lawn needs to develop a strong root system now so that it can store up for the Winter and get off to a healthy start in the Spring.

Weed control

Broad leaf weeds can be a nuisance to your lawn.  Late Fall is actually a great time to fight back.  Just like your lawn has slowed down and is absorbing everything readily available for the Winter, so are the weeds.  With their eagerness to absorb what is available, a broad leaf herbicide will be easily absorbed now and the weeds won’t return in Spring.

Keep your walkways clear

When the weather is bad, keep your walkways clear so that guests do not cut across your lawn.  Those footprints in the snow can be turned into brown spots in the Spring if they are left long enough.

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